Credit Recovery

Many high schools support a process known as Credit Recovery. This process focuses on students who did not achieve a passing grade in a course for credits. Credit Recovery typically identifies which failing students would be good candidates for a focused one-on-one teaching experience to address key areas where the student’s achievements in the class fell short in order to improve their final grade enough to earn a credit in the course.

In addition to the powerful and convenient way Edsby has provided teachers to submit reporting information, Edsby enables a workflow for managing all aspects of the Credit Recovery process.

Initial Credit Recovery Recommendation

When the Credit Recovery application is turned on for a school, teachers will receive a workflow in their Edsby mailbox each time they submit a report card sheet with one or more students who obtained a failing grade in the class. As well, teachers will receive an Edsby notification informing them a Credit Recovery Report is required for each failed student.









Navigate to the mailbox and click on the Credit Recovery message. When the teacher opens a credit recovery workflow notification, the message includes the details of all of the students on the submitted report card sheet that received a failing grade. The information in the message will update as the status of each student’s credit recovery changes.

Before students can begin their credit recovery process, teachers must submit a recommendation form on their behalf. To access the recommendation form, click on one of the students listed in the message.

This brings up the Credit Recovery recommendation form. The form enables the teacher to indicate whether they feel the student is a candidate for credit recovery. Select an option under Recommended Course Placement.

In this example, towards the end of the semester, Dane Wiersum was diagnosed with a concussion and was unable to complete a few assignments at the end of the semester – including the final exam. As a result, Dane did not pass the course and his teacher, Mr. Harishan, would like to recommend him for credit recovery.

The teacher can indicate which areas of the student’s performance were problematic through specific checkboxes and through a comment box. When Mr. Harishan fills out the report, he will indicate that the culminating Biology final exam was not submitted or completed, and that Dane’s concussion was the contributing factor in his inability to successfully complete the Biology class.

When the form is completed, click Save. This makes it available for administrative staff to review the form and decide whether the student should proceed with the recovery process.

The status of the report changes from Unsubmitted to Awaiting Approval until further action has been taken by administrative staff.

Being Assigned as a Credit Recovery Teacher

Once teachers have submitted the credit recovery recommendation form, administrators must review it and decide if the student should proceed with the recovery process. In addition, administrators will assign a credit recovery teacher to assist the student in earning credits for the given course.

The Office approved Mr. Harishan’s recommendation for Dane Wiersum to complete a credit recovery for his Biology course and assigned Mr. Isaac Powell, another Biology teacher, to assist in the recovery.

When a credit recovery task is assigned to a teacher, they will receive a message in their Edsby mailbox regarding the assignment.

This message includes a summary of the assignment including the name of the student, their course, subject, and grade, as well as their final mark in the course. Additionally, it provides the name of the teacher who originally taught the student, the reporting period the assignment belongs to, and the status of the recovery.

The assigned teacher will also see a new class in their Classes panel with the name of the Recovery class. This will be used to manage the credit recovery process for the particular assignment. On Isaac Powell’s home screen, the recovery class is visible.

If a teacher has been assigned multiple credit recovery students, they will be provided with a separate class in their Classes panel for each student assigned to them.

Assigned teachers can access a summary of all of their assignments by clicking Credit Recovery under Applications on the left side of their home screen.

Note: once a credit recovery has been reviewed and assigned to a teacher, the original teacher of the class, unless they were assigned the recovery, will not be able to see which teacher has been assigned.

Inside a Credit Recovery Class

When the teacher opens a credit recovery class, it looks very similar to a standard Edsby class. However, there is only one student in the class – the student requiring credit recovery.

All assessment information for the particular student from their initial class is available in the gradebook for the credit recovery teacher to work with. This includes the particular assessments from the original class and the student’s original grade on each. In the gradebook, Isaac Powell can see all of the assessments in the Biology course and Dane’s original performance on them. It is clear Dane was unable to complete an assignment at the end of the semester as well as the final exam due to his concussion.

Mr. Isaac Powell will work with Dane to help him earn credit for his Biology course.

Completing a Credit Recovery

When the teacher has completed their efforts on a credit recovery assignment, they must indicate the student has successfully completed it. To do this, go back to the corresponding Edsby message regarding the student’s recovery, and click on the summary information in the message. This brings up the credit recovery report form where the teacher can indicate whether the student has successfully achieved the credit recovery or not. Click on the appropriate Credit Recovery Status.

Once a credit recovery has been completed, the credit recovery class will be removed from the assigned teacher’s classes panel.