Capturing Evidence of Learning

Edsby provides both teachers and students with tools to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can create Learning Stories to share the learning evidence with students and parents. As a student, you can capture evidence regarding your own earning through your Learning Story.

Access your Learning Story under the Classes Panel on your browser Home Screen or below your name on your mobile Home Screen.

At the top right of your Learning Story, click Capture Learning.

  1. This will open a form for you to upload evidence of your learning by taking a picture, recording a video, submitting an audio recording, uploading a file, or attaching a link. 
  2. Select the class the evidence applies to by using the Class drop-down.
  3. Add a description to the evidence by explaining what learning the evidence demonstrates.
  4. Click Submit. Your teacher will then review the evidence you captured and can choose to share it. Once shared, you and your parents can view the evidence in your Learning Story.

Note: You will not see evidence you have captured until your teacher shares it. Ask your teacher if they have not shared it with you!

For more information on using your Learning Story, click here.