Learning Story for Students

The focus of Edsby’s learning evidence system is to support the assessment, evaluation, and reporting practices of K-12 teachers. Edsby provides teachers with tools to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can create Learning Stories to share with students and parents.

Students can view evidence teachers have shared through their own Learning Story. This feed is available on both mobile and browser interfaces and shows shared learning evidence captured by the student through Edsby Capture or by the teacher with the newest posts at the top of the feed.

Each item includes the teacher’s observation, the media – usually one or two pictures – and any conversation with the student.

  1. Description of the student’s Evidence
  2. Picture of the Evidence
  3. Student’s Conversational Evidence
  4. Learning expectations/outcomes the Evidence fulfills

Items also show a list of the learning expectations/standards associated with the item which are displayed when students and parents hover over the item.

Finally, there is a conversational feed to enable the teacher, the student, or the parent to reflect and discuss the learning associated with the item.

Adding Learning Story items to the Portfolio

Students can add an item shared in their Learning Story to their Portfolio. To do so, click the blue Plus icon.

This adds the Learning Story item to the student’s Portfolio.

To remove it from the Portfolio, click the icon again.


Students can access their Learning Story conveniently from their mobile device. Once logged into the Edsby app, students will see their home screen. Click Learning Story to see the feed.


Students can also access their Learning Story on the Edsby browser. Once logged into Edsby, students will see their home screen. Below their Classes panel is an option for students to view their Learning Story. Click this to view the feed.