Edsby Capture for Teachers

The Edsby Capture App, available via the App Store and Google Play, gives educators a simple way to record, tag, share, and report on learning evidence. It can optionally also be used by students and is particularly useful on shared classroom devices.

The main Edsby interface allows students and teachers to easily capture photographs and videos of their work and create evidence items within the Edsby platform. Edsby Capture can optionally be used to streamline the process. After a record is uploaded, it is automatically added to the Edsby evidence stream can be associated with relevant students.

Printing QR Codes

The Edsby Capture app first asks the user to scan a student QR code. Each student has a unique QR code linked to their Edsby account. Teachers can have the QR codes for each of their students ready before opening the app. They can print QR codes from both the Evidence system within a class or from the Student panel in the class.

Evidence System

To print QR codes for the students in a class, teachers navigate to the Evidence system in their class. In the All Evidence view, they click the button that says Print QR codes for Students.

Click Print.

To reissue QR codes for all students, teachers can click Reissue all Codes. To reissue QR codes to only a handful of students, teaches can click the Reissue Code icon in the bottom right corner of each student’s individual square.

Student Panel

To print QR codes from the Student panel in a class, teachers click the view all students in the class link, then click QR Codes, then click Print.

Teachers can also reissue QR codes for any or all of their students from this screen.

Enabling students to print their own QR Codes

Teachers can enable students and their parents to print their own QR Codes for capturing learning evidence at home.

Click the checkbox next to ‘Allow students and parents to print the QR Codes’.

This option can also be selected in the class setup form.

Note: Students and their parents will only see QR Codes pertaining to them. The QR Codes of other students in the class will not be accessible.

Downloading the App

The Edsby Capture App is available via the Apple Store and Google Play. Click the links below to download.

Students using the app

Students can also use the Edsby Capture App to capture evidence regarding their own work without the teacher needing to intervene. Teachers need to provide students with their QR codes so they can easily document their own work in the classroom or elsewhere. When students capture a piece of their own evidence, it will also flow into the teacher’s Edsby Evidence system.

Click here for more information on how students can use the Edsby Capture App.

Editing the Evidence

The Edsby Capture app simplifies the evidence capturing process. If teachers would like to add additional observations, conversational evidence, expectations, or share the evidence with the student and their parents, they can do so from the Edsby evidence system within the browser interface.

In the All Evidence view of a class, previously captured evidence will be visible in the feed.

Teachers can click the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the piece of evidence and select Edit.

This opens the New Evidence form where teachers can write an observation, conversational evidence, add frames and expectations as well as custom tags, apply the evidence to additional students, assign a performance indicator, or share the evidence in the student’s Edsby Learning Story.

Make any necessary edits and click Save.

Teachers can also find the captured evidence in the Organize tab of the evidence system. Click Organize and select the correct student from the drop-down menu.

The evidence captured on Edsby Capture, if not edited yet, will be found in the Untagged section.

Double click to access the New Evidence form and make any additions.