Class specific Progress Reports

The Progress Report provides teachers with a printable report that includes five main sections:

  1. A Graph that plots all graded and shared assessments
  2. Incomplete assessments
  3. Graded assessments
  4. Ungraded assessments with either an Overdue or Rejected status
  5. Attendance History

To access Progress Reports for a specific class, teachers may navigate to the Gradebook of the desired class. At the top right corner of the Gradebook, click the Gear icon and select View Progress Reports from the menu.

At the top of the report, teachers can choose which sections they wish to include.

Only students that meet the criteria will be included in the report. For example, if a teacher only selects Incomplete Assessments, only students with incomplete assessments will be included.

Flagging assessments for inclusion in Progress Reports

Teachers may want to create Progress Reports regarding only specific assessments. To do this, they can make use of the flagging system and filter in the Progress Report. Navigate to the Perspective of a class. Select a student from the drop-down menu and click the Assessments tab.

Hovering over any assessment reveals a flag icon.

Click to flag the assessment. The flag will become purple.

Teachers can flag all assessments they wish to include in the Progress Report. When the desired assessments have been flagged, click the gear icon and click to print the Progress Report.

In the preview, click the box next to only show Flagged Assessments. This filters the report to assessments that were previously flagged.

Printing Progress Reports

Here’s how teachers can print Progress Reports:

  1. Within a class, click on the Gradebook link.
  2. Click the Gear and select View Progress Reports. You will be redirected to another browser tab.
  3. Select which sections you would like to include, then click the Printer icon.