Online Testing Video Playlist

Creating a Question Sheet

This video covers how to create a question sheet from the personal folder as well as the differences between multiple choice, paragraph, choose all that apply, and short answer questions.
Teachers and administrators have the option of creating an online test that exists entirely within Edsby. Tests are created and stored within the personal folder, delivered to students via the class, and graded within the gradebook. Edsby’s online testing feature is simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly!

Creating an Online Assessment

This video covers how to attach a question sheet to an assessment form, setting the testing options, and grading and sharing online tests.

Question sheets are attached to the assessment form by selecting the online test option then choosing the question sheet. The assessment form is completed like any other assessment, except students will see the Take Test button when the test is open.

The test options allow teachers to customize when the test will open and close, how many attempts students will have, time limits, and randomizing questions and answers. Teachers can create an online test with the same options for students that an in-class test would have.

Students take the test, and teachers can grade the tests through gradebook. Once graded, the grades are shared like any other assessment. Students can click their submission to view their feedback, scores, and the correct answers.

Online testing through Edsby is simple, convenient for both students and teachers, and environmentally friendly! Teachers can get creative when testing their students: a traditional quiz, an exit ticket, an assessment of student reflections – the sky’s the limit.


Online Testing for Students

Edsby features a simple way for teachers to assess students through online testing. Teachers create the tests then post the assessment in the class feed.

Students click the Take Test button, enter their answers, and click Submit. The teacher then marks the tests and shares the grades with students by delivering the grades directly to My Work. Students can view their submission and see the correct answers, their scores, and any feedback the teacher may have given.