My grades have disappeared from Edsby. Why?

Some school districts that observe a quarterly schedule sometimes choose to give students a “blank slate” in Edsby when each quarter begins. This is an academic policy of the district. These districts have configured Edsby to hide students’ previous quarter’s grades when the new quarter begins. It’s not an Edsby bug—it’s how these districts want things in Edsby.

Students and parents CAN still access previous quarter’s grades in Edsby. Use a web browser to log in to your Edsby system. Then:

  1. In Classes on the left side of the screen, mouse over a class. “My Work” will appear.
  2. Click My Work.
  3. In My Work, Current Reporting Period will be selected as the timeframe by default. Click the Current Reporting Period pull down and select a previous reporting period.

Note: students and parents can only view previous reporting periods through a web browser. Previous periods cannot be accessed yet on the Edsby mobile apps.