News River for Students

Everyone likes to be up-to-date with the latest news. Edsby makes this easy! When you log in, you will see the News River across the top of your Home Screen. Each school and district has its own news stream. The News River collates news from all streams.

Scroll to navigate through the River. Click an article to view the full text. Attachments can be viewed or downloaded from either the desktop browser or the Edsby mobile app.

Submitting a News Article

Creating a News Article is easy. Anyone in any role, even a student, can submit a proposed news item. On the Edsby browser login, navigate to your School Page by clicking the school name in the top left of your Home Screen. Click Submit an Article.

Fill in the form with a headline, a picture, and some text. News River articles also support attachments. To add an attachment to the article, click one of the attachment icons depending on the style of attachment. Click Submit.

When you press submit, it is sent to the School Page. However, it is pending and only school administrators with certain permissions can see it until it is approved. They have the option of approving it, editing it, or rejecting it.