School News and Information

Backpacks are great for carrying books and lunches, but they fail as the communication channel between parents and their child’s school. Edsby gathers school news and other important school information conveniently for parent access.

The News River

Edsby gathers all the news from the district and schools your children attend in the News River at the top of your Home Screen.

Use the arrows to navigate through the articles.

Click an article to view its full text.

The School Page

Access the school and district pages from your Home Screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right and selecting the name of the school or district.

This will provide you with a feed of school news. Scroll to view all posts.

Click Calendar to view the School Calendar.

The school-specific events on this calendar are merged on your Personal Calendar accessible by clicking the calendar icon in your Navigation Bar.

Click Info to view important school information including:

  1. Key Contacts in the school
  2. Staff Panel, making it easier to contact any teacher or principal at the school through Edsby
  3. Contact Information for the school
  4. A school-wide Documents library

Turn on notifications whenever a new article is posted at your school by clicking the bell icon in the top right.

Parents can quickly message any of the Key Contacts in Edsby by clicking their name, opening their mini-profile, and clicking Send Message.

The School Page is also available by clicking the school’s name in the top left corner of your browser Home Screen.