Parent-Teacher Interviews for Teachers


Teachers receive an up-to-the-second schedule of which meetings have been booked. They can print their final schedule so they know where they need to be, and when. Parents book their own appointments, but the teacher has the option of booking on behalf of a parent. Teachers can also enter the room number where the meetings will take place.

Teachers will receive a Parent-Teacher Interview form in their Edsby Messages in advance of parents. Click Manage Schedule to view the schedule.

Setting the room number

For each day of the Parent-Teacher Interview schedule, enter the room number or the room name. Parents will see this information on their schedules.

For online meetings, URLs of meeting links can be used in place of a room number by copying and pasting the link.

Blocking appointment slots

If teachers are not available for all appointment slots due to prior engagements teachers can block appointments slots by clicking on the slot.  Teachers can unblock the appointment slot by clicking blocked.

Booking for a Parent or Student Contact

When the interviews have been opened for parents and guardians to book, teachers can book on behalf of a parent or student contact, a parent/guardian without an active Edsby account. To do this, hover over a slot and click book for a parent. Choose a class, choose a student, choose the name of the parent or contact.

Printing a schedule

Click Messages on the navigation bar. Click Manage Schedule. Click the Printer icon.

PTI Information in Calendar

Teachers can view information regarding interview schedules in their calendar. If the interviews are further than 2 weeks away, teachers can view them by navigating to their full-screen calendar.

Clicking on the interview brings the teacher to the workflow in their mailbox. From here, they can manage their schedule.

If the interviews are coming up soon, teachers will see them in their personal home screen schedule.

Hover over the event and click Open Workflow.

This brings the teacher to the workflow in their mailbox. From here, they can manage their interview schedule.