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Edsby is designed to meet the needs of K-12 parents with tools that are purpose-built to help parents to review their child’s academic progress, stay up-to-date on school and classroom announcements, as well as communicate with their children’s teachers.

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Activating your Edsby Account
Logging In
Setting Up Notifications
Home Screen
The School Page
Scheduling Absences
Your Child’s Calendar
Your Child’s Classes
Viewing your Child’s Assessments and Grades
Communicating with your Child’s Teachers
Parent-Teacher Interviews
Personal Calendar

Getting Started

Activating Your Edsby Account

Once the schools your children attend are using Edsby, they will send you an email with a link unique to you.

Clicking the link will set up your Edsby account in seconds and will be connected to the information regarding all of your children. All of your children will be merged on your one Edsby account.

Note: If you do not receive the email or the link sent does not work, contact the school to reissue your invitation. It’s always best to contact your child’s school for specific instructions on activating your Edsby account.

Downloading the Edsby App

In addition to accessing Edsby through a desktop browser or mobile browser, parents can keep up-to-date with their children’s schooling on their mobile device by using the Edsby Mobile App freely available on Google Play and the App Store.

Logging In

Every Edsby system has a unique URL, or Edsby server address, like, where xxxx is unique to the school or district.
Ask your school for your system’s Edsby server address. Consider bookmarking it for easy access. This server address is also required for logging into the Edsby Mobile App.

Ask your school for your Edsby username and password.

Click here for information on logging into Edsby.

Setting Up Notifications

With so many things happening inside Edsby, it is important to stay organized and up-to-date.
Edsby makes this easy by enabling various notifications to ensure parents are notified of the important things happening within their school, children’s Classes, Calendars, and Groups.

Access Notification Settings by clicking Settings on your Home Screen.

Select Notifications from the menu.

This provides a form to select and update notifications regarding your:

  1. Messages
  2. Edsby Activity Digest
  3. Personal Calendar
  4. Organization
  5. Children
  6. Groups

You can choose to receive notifications through Email, Edsby, or straight to your mobile device.

Notifications received in Edsby will be accessible by clicking the bell icon in the Navigation Bar.

Click here for more information on setting up Notifications.

Home Screen

The Home Screen is the hub of the Edsby experience.
From here, you can use the quick links to access the school news, schedule absences for your children, and view their Portfolio, Learning Story, Classes, Recent Activity, and Calendar.

On a browser, your Home Screen will also display this information.

Additionally, the Navigation Bar is located on every page in Edsby. Use it to access your Home Screen, Groups, Messages, Personal Calendar, and Notifications.

The School Page

Access the school and district pages from your Home Screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right and selecting the name of the school or district.

This will provide you with a feed of school news. Scroll to view all posts.

Click Calendar to view the School Calendar.

The school-specific events on this calendar are merged on your Personal Calendar accessible by clicking the calendar icon in your Navigation Bar.

Click Info to view important school information including:

  1. Key Contacts in the school
  2. Staff Panel, making it easier to contact any teacher or principal at the school through Edsby
  3. Contact Information for the school
  4. A school-wide Documents library

Turn on notifications whenever a new article is posted at your school by clicking the bell icon in the top right.

The School Page is also available by clicking the school’s name in the top left corner of your browser Home Screen.


The News River at the top of your Home Screen combines the news from the district and schools your children attend.

Use the arrows to navigate through the articles.

Click an article to view its full text.

Your Children

If you have multiple children, they will all be merged onto your single Edsby account.

On your Home Screen, you are provided with a list of your children. Scroll through each of their children and view the various options they have for each.

For each child, you can plan an absence, view their Portfolio and Learning Story, view their classes, recent activity, and calendar events. These quick links are the best ways to stay up-to-date on each of your children.

Scheduling Absences

You can schedule absences for your children right from the convenience of your mobile device.
Click Absent Today if your child will be away on the current day.

Click Plan an Absence if your child will be away for multiple days, partial days, or another day in the future.

Fill out the form and click Send to School Office.

A submission receipt will be sent to your mailbox.

Once the school office has reviewed and approved the absence, the status of the receipt will change to Approved.

An approved absence will be visible in your child’s Personal Calendar by clicking Calendar under their name on your Home Screen.

Attendance Incident Notifications

If your child is marked Late or Absent by any of their teachers and there is no Planned Absence listed for them, the Attendance Office may choose to notify you through Edsby. In order for you to receive these notifications, you must enable them in your Notification Settings. Navigate to your Settings, select Notifications, and click your child’s name.

Ensure the box next to Attendance Incidents is selected.

If the Attendance Office notifies you of your child’s Late or Absence, you will receive an Edsby Notification in your Navigation Bar. Here you will be provided with 2 options to reply back to the Office.

If you are aware of your child’s Late or Absence, click I Know About This. You will then be asked to provide a reason for your child’s absence and send it to the School Office.

If you are unaware of your child’s Late or Absence, click I Don’t Know About This. The Office will be notified that your child is unaccounted for.

Your Child’s Personal Calendar

The Edsby Calendar is the perfect tool to help students plan their time.
Each child’s calendar is found beside their name on your browser Home Screen or by clicking Calendar under your child’s name on mobile.

Edsby knows about every assignment, every test, and every event entered in any class a child is enrolled in. The Calendar is a great tool for parents looking to support and encourage their children to complete their work on time.

You will see a two-week view of events and assessments on their Home Screen. To see further ahead, click the Calendar pop-out on the browser.

Edsby even knows about events in the clubs, teams, and other groups students are a member of. So, when an event is added to the Festival Choir, the Basketball Team, or the Yearbook Committee, these events are added to the student’s Calendar as well.

About Your Child’s Classes

Click Classes under your child’s name to view the classes they are enrolled in as well as their current average, if shared by the teacher.

If teachers have enabled parents to enter a class, click the class name to enter it.

If teachers have not enabled parents to enter a class, all notes, events, and assessments posted by your children’s teachers will be visible in their Recent Activity on your Home Screen.

Viewing Your Child’s Assessments and Grades through My Work

If you want to see a detailed list of your child’s upcoming assessments and any grades their teacher has shared, you can do through My Work, available both on mobile and a browser.
On mobile, My Work is available by clicking Classes under your child’s name, selecting a class, and clicking My Work in the header.

Here you can see a list of class assessments and any grades that have been assigned.

Your child’s My Work Report is available on a browser by hovering over the class name in their Classes Panel and clicking the My Work button.

Accessing Your Child’s Portfolio

Access your child’s feed of Portfolio posts by clicking Portfolio under their name on mobile or under their Classes Panel on a browser.

You can like and comment on any posts in the feed.

Viewing Your Child’s Learning Story

Edsby provides teachers with tools to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can share the evidence with students and parents in the Learning Story.

View your child’s Learning Story and any evidence their teachers have shared by clicking Learning Story under their name on your mobile Home Screen.

Or, find it under their Classes Panel on your browser Home Screen.

You can like and comment on any posts in the feed and communicate with your child’s teachers about each item of evidence.

Teachers can enable students and parents to print QR Codes for capturing their own evidence at home using the Edsby Capture App. If your child’s teachers have enabled this option, click Print QR Codes at the top of your child’s Learning Story.

For more information on Edsby Capture, click here.

Your Groups

Access the Groups you are a member of by clicking the Groups icon in the Navigation bar of the mobile app.

On a browser, your My Groups Panel is located under the News River on your Home Screen.

Click Find More to browse more groups in the school.

Groups can be open or closed, as indicated by a lock icon.

Parents can freely jump in and out of open groups. However, you will only be notified of new posts in the groups if you join as a member. Click Join in the top right of an open group to join it.

To join a closed group, click the group and fill out the request. A moderator of the group will review and confirm your request before you can officially join the group.

Review the status of your request in your Mailbox.

If you have been invited to a group, you are provided with options to Accept or Decline.

There are some instances when a parent may be automatically added to a group like All Parents or a Lost and Found group. You cannot unsubscribe from groups you have been automatically subscribed to.

Groups include a group Feed,

A group Calendar,

Group Members with those recently active listed first,

A knowledge Base,

Important Pinned Items,

And a Group Library.

The group screen on a browser looks like the picture below, with the same functionality as groups on mobile.

Click here for more information on Edsby Groups.


Parents have their own Edsby Mailbox where they can message teachers and staff members in the school.
Access this mailbox in the navigation bar.

Communicating with your Children’s Teachers

Use Messages to communicate with your children’s teachers.
Click the compose message icon in the top right of the mailbox.

Fill out the recipient and send the message.

To let your children’s teachers know that you are reading the notes and assessments they are posting, like the posts in your child’s Recent Activity feed.

Booking Parent-Teacher Interviews

When Parent-Teacher Interviews are in session and parents are enabled to book appointments, the workflow is available in your Edsby Mailbox.

Open the message and click Book Parent-Teacher Interview

Use the tabs to navigate between interview dates.

Click on available slots to book them. You can remove your booking by clicking Remove Booking or change it to another available time by clicking Change.

Click Add Note to supply a note to the teacher.

You can modify the note by clicking View/Edit Note. Your note is visible to the teacher and School Administrators.

When you are finished booking, click Done. You will have a summary of your interview schedule in your Mailbox.

If bookings are still open to parents, you can access and change your appointment schedule by clicking Make Changes.

Note: If you are unable to book or are having difficulty booking, the school office can manage your bookings.

Personal Calendar

Each parent has their own personalized Edsby Calendar.
A triangle symbol in the calendar indicates the event is in progress.

Your Personal Calendar includes:

  1. Group events
  2. Personal events you create
  3. School or district events

Create a personal event by clicking the blue plus sign. Fill out the form.

This event is only visible to you.

Your Personal Calendar collates all calendar items from your groups, schools, and the district. Other Calendars, for example, a Group Calendar, will only show events relevant to that class.