Report Cards: Preapproved report card comments

Organizations may choose to provide a set of pre-approved comments from which teachers can build a student’s report card comments.

For example, teachers have been provided with a PDF listing of the available comments. Here’s an excerpt from the pre-approved comments.

Code Comment Tags
501 <<name>> has difficulty reading to gather information. Reading
502 <<name>> is unable to read to gather information. Reading
503 <<name>> reads effectively to gather information. Reading
504 <<name>> reads very effectively to gather information. Reading
601 <<name>> has difficulty writing using appropriate structures. Writing
5108 <<name>> should identify a purpose for reading. Next Steps
5110  <<name>> should make connections to own life when reads new material. Next Steps

Once in a report card sheet, the teacher can click in a comment box. They can filter through their comments based on if they are Learned, Strengths, or Next Steps.

Or, teachers can search through all of their comments by clicking All.

Teachers can search by:

  • Typing in a word. The teacher typed “difficulty”. Use the down arrow key or mouse to select the comment.

  • Typing in multiple words. The teacher typed “difficulty” and “read”, then used the down arrow key to select the comment.

  • Typing in a tag. The teacher typed “Next Steps”, then clicked the comment.

Text that doesn’t match the pre-approved comments is discarded.

The comment field has a character limit. Only comments that are less than the available characters are displayed. For example, only comments less than 21 characters will be displayed.