Using Portfolios for Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences involve students leading a discussion about their progress and learning with their parents. Students can prepare, reflect on, and discuss evidence of their learning through the creation of Edsby Portfolios.

Each student has their own Edsby Portfolio – similar to a personal blog. In the Portfolio, students can create posts about themselves and their academic or extracurricular success. Each submission is posted to a board which makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to quickly review the student’s proud moments, learning goals, or future aspirations.

When preparing for a student-led conference, students can consider sharing an assignment they are proud of,

a learning goal,

a career plan,

an area for growth,

something you advocate for,

a success story,

a high-school ready trait you possess,

a time you showed leadership,

or a timeline of your learning.

Take the time to reflect on each item shared in your Portfolio.

Edsby enhances a student’s Portfolio by giving access to teacher-curated evidence of learning. Students can use evidence their teachers have shared with them in their Portfolios to prepare for a student-led conference. This can include evidence students have captured through the Edsby Capture App themselves.

Teachers share evidence to the student’s Learning Story. Click the blue plus icon on a piece of evidence to add it to your Portfolio.

Edsby Portfolios enable students to create a rich display of their learning journey for use in their Student-Led Conference. Explore all that Edsby can do in this area to display students’ proud moments, learning goals, or future aspirations.

Click here for more information on creating an Edsby Portfolio.