Report Card Video Playlist for SDHC

Report Card Maintenance

Edsby features a way of enabling administrators to change the details of report cards, even after the reporting period has been created. Ideally, there will be no need to make a change, but Edsby enables a change to be made with no difficulty.

This video covers how to change templates after they have been assigned, how to cancel sheets that have been incorrectly added to a reporting period and how to add them back, how to edit the details of the reporting period and how to add additional classes to the reporting period, both individually and multiple classes at once.

Report Card Review Process

Using the report card zoom, which works like any other zoom on Edsby, keeps administrators organized as they can filter report card sheets to their status: approved, not submitted, published, returned for correction, submitted for review, and unlocked for editing.

With a system that is so simple to use, it is easy to stay organized. Administrators can enter the report card sheet directly from the zoom and make corrections directly on the sheet, or they can ask teachers to make corrections. Administrators can unlock a sheet at any time, even after it has been published.

Administrators have the ability to publish, retract, export, and print report cards from the Report Card Zoom.

Printing Report Cards

It is easy to customize the way report cards are printed within Edsby. Report cards are always printed in the order that they are found in the zoom, but the order can be changed by clicking the headers in the columns: student name, homeroom teacher, grade, etc. They can also be printed by grade. In this video, an example is included in which only the grade 4 students report cards are being printed.