Student Calendars

Schools are busy places. As a student, there is so much to keep track of – class timetables, tests, assignments, team practices and games, club events, and student council meetings. Fortunately, Edsby provides great tools for helping you keep track of all of it!

Accessing the Calendar of a School, Class, or Group

Within Edsby, every school, class, and group has its own calendar. When an event is placed on a calendar in a class, for example, every member of the class can see the event.

School Calendar

Students find the School Calendar on the School Page. Access the School Page on a browser by clicking the school name in the top left of your Home Screen.

The School Calendar is displayed on the right side of the screen.

On mobile, click the gear icon on your Home Screen and select the school name. Click Calendar to view school-specific events.

Class Calendar

Class Calendars allow students to view class-specific events. Select the class from your Home Screen and click Calendar in the header on mobile.

The Class Calendar is displayed on the right side of the class on a browser.

Group Calendar

Access a Group Calendar to view group-specific events by selecting a group from the My Groups Panel or clicking Calendar in the header on mobile.

The Group Calendar is displayed on the right side of the group on a browser.

Calendar Colour Guide

Each colour in Edsby Calendars signifies an event, assessment, or class.

Scheduled Classes
Assessments or Class Events
Group Events
School Events
Personal Events

Personal Calendar

Each student within Edsby has their own Personal Calendar. This powerful Calendar shows all calendar events in the calendars of all classes, groups, and schools a student is a member of. Edsby merges them all together so students can tell at a glance what you have coming up today, tomorrow, and later this week or next.

Access your Personal Calendar by clicking the calendar icon in the mobile Navigation Bar.

On a browser, the Personal Calendar is displayed on the right side of students’ Home Screen.

Monthly Personal Calendar

  1. Clicking on today’s date in your Personal Calendar opens a small monthly view of your Personal Calendar. Dates shaded with light blue indicate you have something scheduled for that day. Dates with a straight blue line under the number indicates school is in session that day.
  2. Clicking on a date in the monthly Calendar displays any events for that day in your Personal Calendar underneath.
  3. Click the arrow buttons to jump to previous and future months.

Collapse the monthly view by clicking the month name.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

If you are looking to check events further in the future, the pop-out Calendar is the best tool. Access this by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of your Personal Calendar or by clicking the Calendar icon in the Navigation bar.

If using a browser, you may use the arrows to navigate between full month views. Click Today to jump to today’s date.

Customizing Your Personal Calendar

If your Personal Calendar is becoming too cluttered with events from certain groups or classes, you can customize which groups, classes, or schools to show events from. Click the gear icon at the top right of your Personal Calendar.

Use the checkboxes to streamline which calendars will appear in your Personal Calendar. Checked boxes indicate the calendars that will appear on your Personal Calendar, while unchecked boxes indicate the calendar has been unsubscribed from.

Note: Customizations to your Personal Calendar are saved and do not reset when you exit the Calendar or log out of Edsby. If you would like to resubscribe to a calendar again, you must do it manually through your Personal Calendar.

Creating Events

Students can create personal events on their Personal Calendar easily. Click the blue plus icon in the top right of your Personal Calendar to open the Create Event form.

Fill out the form. Events can be set for a specific time or span the entire day. Edsby even enables repeat schedules for events that occur on a regular basis.

If you create an event on your Personal Calendar, it is a personal event and only you can see it.