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Edsby is designed to meet the needs of K-12 students with tools that are purpose-built to help students keep up-to-date with their school life. Edsby fosters student-teacher communication, group collaboration, and classroom participation.

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Logging In
Setting Up Notifications
Home Screen
Personal Calendar
Recent Activity
Submitting Assignments Online
Class Content
Viewing Grades and Assignments – My Work
Switching Between Classes
Communicating with Your Teacher
Learning Story
Edsby Capture
Edsby Groups

Getting Started

Optional Edsby App

In addition to accessing Edsby through a desktop browser or mobile browser, students can keep up-to-date with their schooling on their mobile device by using the Edsby Mobile App freely available on Google Play and the App Store. Click here for information on using Edsby via mobile app.

Logging In

Every Edsby system has a unique URL, or Edsby server address, like, where your-server is unique to the school or district. Ask your school for your system’s Edsby server address. Consider bookmarking it for easy access. This server address is also required for logging into the Edsby Mobile App.

Ask your school for your Edsby username and password.

Click here for information on logging into Edsby.

Setting up Notifications

With so many things happening inside Edsby, it is important to stay organized and up-to-date. Edsby makes this easy by enabling various notifications to ensure students are notified of the important things happening within their School, Classes, Calendars, and Groups.

Access your Notification Settings by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name in Edsby. Click Settings.

Select Notifications from the menu.

This provides a form to select and update Notifications regarding your:

  1. Messages
  2. Edsby Activity Digest
  3. Personal Calendar
  4. Organization
  5. Classes
  6. Groups
  7. Portfolio

You can choose to receive notifications through Email, Edsby, or straight to your mobile device.

Click here for more information on setting up Notifications.

Home Screen

The Home Screen is the hub of a student’s Edsby experience. From here, you can check your upcoming assignments, events, the school news, and new posts in classes or groups.

The Home Screen includes:

  1. Access to the School and District pages
  2. The News River
  3. Personal Calendar
  4. Classes Panel
  5. Recent Activity
  6. Access to your Portfolio and Learning Story
  7. Groups you are a member of

Additionally, the Navigation Bar is located at the top of every page in Edsby with access to Messages, the calendar, the Launchpad, and Notifications.


The News River at the top of your Home Screen combines the news from your school and district.

To submit an article to the News River, navigate to the School Page, and click Submit an article.

For more information about submitting articles, click here.

Personal Calendar

Each student has their own personalized Edsby Calendar. A triangle symbol in the schedule indicates the class, event, or assessment is in progress.

The Personal Calendar on your Home Screen includes:

  1. Add a new event to your Personal Calendar. This event is only visible to you.
  2. Scheduled Classes
  3. Assessments from Classes
  4. Class Events
  5. Group Events
  6. Personal Events you have created
  7. School Events

Your Personal Calendar collates all calendar items from your classes, groups, and school. Other Calendars, for example, a Class Calendar, will only show events relevant to that class.

Each colour in an Edsby Calendar indicates specific events, assessments, or classes:

Scheduled Classes
Assessments or Class Events
Group Events
School Events
Personal Events

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity feed in the middle of the Home Screen displays any notes, journal entries, or assignments posted in classes by your teachers.


On the left side of the student’s Home Screen is the Classes Panel. This panel provides a brief overview of students’ current classes, including:

  1. Name of Class
  2. New assessment grades that have been shared
  3. Unread Counter indicating the number of new posts in the class
  4. Course Code
  5. Teacher’s name

Access all Class Journals by clicking the Classes pop-out.

Any upcoming classes can also be navigated to and viewed by clicking the Classes pop-out.

Enter a Class by clicking its name.

Inside a Class

The class is the heart of how Edsby helps students. Every class includes an effective way for students to engage with teachers and classmates, view class information, and submit assignments.

Each class includes:

  1. A Teachers Panel
  2. Pinned Items
  3. Students Panel, a list of students in the class – students can see the names of their classmates in this class by hovering over or clicking students in the student panel
  4. Content Panel containing all of the content for the course
  5. A field to post a note (if enabled by the teacher)
  6. Class Feed – where posts from the teacher, and, if enabled by the teacher, posts and discussions among students in the class can also appear
  7. Class Calendar
  8. Journal Panel displaying the most recent journal entries
  9. Class Library for uploaded media

Contributing to the Shared Classroom

In the Edsby Classroom, students can have a conversation with their teacher and classmates. Consider posting if you’re having trouble with the homework and want to ask for help, or if you want to help another classmate.

Anything posted in the class feed is visible to the teacher and students are unable to delete a post.

Submitting Assignments Online

Edsby enables teachers the ability to create assignments that can be handed in online. There are multiple places an assignment can be submitted in Edsby, but for the teacher to receive the assignment, it only needs to be submitted one time in one place within Edsby.

To submit an assignment online through Edsby, view it in My Work, your Personal Calendar, your Recent Activity feed, or the feed of the class where the assignment is due. A Submit button will appear next to the assignment.

In the form that opens, use the icons to attach a file, photo, video, or link. Add a comment with your submission.

You will receive a confirmation of submission screen.

The assignment will move to Ungraded Assessments in My Work until the teacher has reviewed it and assigned a grade.

Navigating the Class Content

On the left side of a class is the Content Panel.

  1. Underneath Content, each student has a progress bar that tracks their progression through the content.
  2. Any items of content a student has marked complete will be indicated by a green check mark.
  3. Click Content to open the panel and click on any item in the list to view the content.
  4. Use the Next and Previous arrows to navigate through the content.
  5. When you have completed an item, mark it complete by clicking Mark Complete. This will display a green check mark next to the item and update your progress bar.
  6. You can also set the state of your learning on a particular item of content by clicking the emoji at the top left. Let your teacher know if you understand the content, find it confusing, or already know it!

Students can submit assignments, contribute to Discussions, and participate in Polls from the Content Panel.

For more information on using the Content Panel, click here.

Viewing Grades and Assignments through My Work

Every class has a grades and assignment report called My Work. Students can access it by hovering over the class name and clicking My Work or from within a class by clicking the My Work link at the top of the page.

The My Work Report has 5 tabs: Graph, Assessments, Standards/Expectations, Attendance, and Previous Report Cards.


The My Work report initially opens to a graph of the student’s grades in the class, depicting their academic progression.


The Assessments tab provides a detailed breakdown of incomplete, upcoming, and graded assessments as well as the results of any the teacher has chosen to share.

If your teacher comments or changes grades on an assessment, a blue chat bubble will appear on it.

Use this to ask any questions about how to complete the assignment or if you have any concerns about how it was marked.


Students can see how they’re doing on each specific expectation/standard for a class in the Standards/Expectations tab. These are a checklist of skills that teachers use to assess student performance in class.

You can see the performance indicator when your teacher makes an observation on an expectation for you.

The performance indicators from lowest to highest are: red, yellow, green, blue.


The Attendance tab lists your attendance incidents – lates and absences.

Previous Report Cards

The Previous Report Cards tab displays any previous report cards that have been published through Edsby.

Click here for more information about the My Work Report.

Switching Between Classes

Easily switch between classes by using the Class picker at the top left of any class screen in Edsby. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the class to reveal a list of the other classes you are enrolled in.

Select one from the list to enter it.

You’ll jump to the same screen of the new class as the one you were in when you picked a new class. For example, if you’re in your My Work Report from one class, using the Class picker to navigate to a new class will bring you to your My Work Report for the new class.

Communicating with Your Teacher

You can communicate with your teachers through My Work, Class posts, or through Edsby Messages. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming or graded assessments, navigate to the Assessments tab of My Work. Hover over the assessment you would like to ask your teacher a question about and click Ask Private Question.

You can access any comments or responses your teacher has made by clicking the blue chat bubble next to the assessment.

Consider posting in the class feed to ask a question other students in the class might also have.

This provides a great way for you to collaborate with your classmates and for your teacher to contribute as necessary. If your teacher has not enabled students to post in the class, ask them! Opening up the class for students to post fosters greater engagement in Edsby and the class. It also facilitates learning opportunities and encourages healthy communication between students.

If My Work or posting in a class is not best for the message you would like to send to your teacher, use Edsby Messages.

  1. Access your mailbox by clicking the envelope icon in the top Navigation Bar.
  2. Create a new message by clicking the Compose Message button and typing your teacher’s name as the recipient.

Creating Your Portfolio

Each student has their own Edsby Portfolio, similar to a personal blog.

In the Portfolio, students can create posts about themselves and their academic or extracurricular success.

Access the Portfolio on your Home Screen below the Classes Panel or by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name at the top right.

Create posts that display your learning goals, proud accomplishments, or future plans. Click the blue plus to create a post.

Portfolios are also a great tool for enhancing student-led conferences.

Click here for more information on creating your Portfolio.

Viewing Your Learning Story

Edsby enables teachers to capture evidence regarding student learning. Once captured, teachers can share the evidence with students and their parents in the student’s Learning Story.

View the evidence your teacher has shared by clicking Learning Story below the Classes Panel on your Home Screen.

If you have captured evidence using Edsby Capture, your teacher may also choose to share this in your Learning Story.

You can add evidence in your Learning Story to your Portfolio by clicking the blue plus icon attached to the piece of evidence.

For more information on your Learning Story, click here.

Capturing Evidence with Edsby Capture

The Edsby Capture App, available via the App Store and Google Play, enables students to record evidence of their own learning. It should only be used if directed by a teacher.

Once downloaded, open the app. You will see a screen where you are asked to scan a QR Code.

Ask your teacher for your unique QR Code or access it through your own Edsby account, if they have enabled QR codes, by navigating to your Learning Story, and clicking Print QR Codes.

Use the camera on your device to scan your unique QR Code and take a picture or video of the evidence you wish to capture.

Switch between front and back cameras and set your flash settings using the icons.

The app will then bring you to a new screen where you can review and add to your submission. Click Add More to attach additional items to your submission.

Click Reflect and type a description of your work. This will be seen by your teacher.

When you are finished, click Upload.

Once uploaded, you will be brought to the scan QR code screen where you can capture more evidence, if desired.

Once captured, the evidence will automatically flow into your teacher’s Evidence system. Once reviewed, your teacher can share the evidence you captured in your Learning Story if they choose to.

Click here for more information about Edsby Capture.

Edsby Groups

Edsby Groups provide a great space for discussion and updates on clubs, sports teams, or other school groups.
Each group has at least one teacher assigned as a moderator.

Access the groups you are a member of in your My Groups Panel at the bottom left corner of your Home Screen.

Click Find More to browse more groups in the school.

  1. Search for a club you’re interested in or a day of the week you are available. If the group description outlines when the group meets, the group will appear in your search.
  2. Groups can be open or closed, as indicated by a lock icon.

Students can freely jump in and out of open groups. However, you will only be notified of new posts in the groups if you join as a member. Click Join in the top right of an open group to join it.

To join a closed group, click the group and fill out the request. A moderator of the group will review and confirm your request before you can officially join the group.

Review the status of your request in your Mailbox.

If you have been invited to a group, you are provided with options to Accept or Decline.

There are some instances when a student may be automatically added to a group like All Students, a study group for a specific class you are enrolled in, or a Lost and Found group. You cannot unsubscribe from groups you have been automatically subscribed to.

Groups include:

  1. Moderators
  2. Important Pinned Items
  3. Knowledge Base
  4. Group Feed
  5. Active group Members – if enabled by the moderator, you can view all members of the group by clicking ‘View All Members’
  6. Group Calendar
  7. Library

Click here for more information on Edsby Groups.