What parents can see in Edsby

What parents see in Edsby is almost identical to a student’s view of Edsby. There is typically no difference between the student and parent view of an Edsby feature. For example, parents can see their child’s schedule. The default schedule the student sees on their Edsby home screen is identical to the schedule the parent sees.

All the images on this page are taken from the parent’s view of Edsby.

What parents will see

The following features in Edsby are always visible to parents, regardless of teacher settings:

  • Classes panel

  • Journals

  • Recent Activity

  • Upcoming assessments (My Work)

  • Graded assessments (My Work)

  • Incomplete Assessments (My Work)

  • Private questions asked through My Work

  • Attendance history (Students do not have access to this view of attendance)

  • Portfolio

  • Learning Story

  • Schedule (including personal events)

Sometimes a school or district will turn off a feature entirely, in which case neither parents or students can view it. However, if any of these features exist in the school’s build of Edsby, parents can view them. 

Note: Parents can see their child’s portfolio, but students can choose which posts their parents see. Students have the opportunity to change who can view a post while creating or editing a portfolio post.

What parents might see

The following features may or may not be visible to parents depending on district, school or teacher settings:

  • Class page

  • Student’s comments on class posts

  • Overall average

  • Subjective performance indicator

  • Report cards

Note: If a feature in this list is available to students, it’s generally also available for parents. For example, if a student can see their overall average, it’s likely their parents can also see the student’s overall average. The exceptions are the class feed and student’s comments on class posts. Many schools restrict parents’ access to the class feed and student comments.

What parents will not see

The following features will never be visible to parents, regardless of school, district or teacher settings:

  • Mailbox messages

  • Personal notifications

  • My Groups

Note: Even though parents can’t see which groups their child is a part of, they can still see the group events in their child’s schedule. They can also see the group page of the child’s groups if they join the group, however, not all groups are visible to parents. There is no way for students to determine within Edsby whether or not a group is visible to parents