What do students see when they log into Edsby?

When students log in, they see a home screen that is similar to the teacher’s with their school in the upper left, the news river, and a calendar. While teachers see a list of all of the classes that they are currently teaching, the students Classes panel will display a list of all of the classes that they are currently enrolled in. For each class, the student will be shown the name of the class, the formal name and picture of the teacher, and a counter of how many new items are in the class.

Student desktop

My Work

When the students hover over each of the classes in the Classes panel, a My Work button will be displayed. Students can also access My Work from inside the class.

When the student clicks that button, they will see a graph composed of visible assessments with shared results. Using the tabs above the graph, students can view their upcoming assessments and assessment results, a list of all expectations/standards/observations and their level of success, a record of their attendance, and previous report cards.

If new results have been shared by the teacher since the student last logged in, they will be notified on the Classes panel.

Average grade display

If a teacher has turned on the Show averages to students and parents option in the class setup, the average for that class will be displayed at the top the student’s My Work for that class. If the teacher has set Show averages to students and parents to Don’t Show, no average will be displayed.

Recent Activity

The student’s Recent Activity will contain all of the postings made by teachers in the classes that the student is a member of. This is done for two reasons: first, so students can’t use the excuse “I didn’t see the posting” and second, so that in the case where the teacher has not yet opened the class, the students will still have access to important teacher posts.


If the student is a member of any groups, those groups will be listed in the Groups panel.

Home Screen Calendar

The student’s home screen calendar will contain the amalgamated view of all of the items on all of the calendars of all of the classes and all of the groups of which the student is a member.

Entering Classes

If a teacher of a particular class has turned on the Students can enter class option, then clicking on the class in the Classes list will take them into the class. Once in the class, the students will see the class, as follows:


The students will see a list of the formal names of the teachers of the class. Hovering over the names will allow the students to send a private message to that teacher.


Click here to watch a video about the classes you share with students.