Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is Google’s system that combines voice and video, text chat, screen sharing, captioning and more aimed at helping keep learning going outside of school. In K-12, Hangouts Meet can be used to bring real time conversations into Edsby. Extend Edsby classrooms and groups with voice and video, connect with colleagues in professional learning communities through Edsby and more. Hangouts Meet is part of Google’s G Suite for Education.

The UI is intuitive and simple, which is a good draw for first-time users. Being able to schedule using google calendar and e-mail members a link to the call is very helpful.
Emma F, Academic Administrative Assistant
I enjoyed the easy use of connecting multiple callers one line. I was able to see the individuals and talk to them at the same time. It was very effective and useful for completing projects in a timely manner as well.
Courtney J, High School science teacher and advisor