New Zealand introduces new Edsby-powered system


The New Zealand Ministry of Education has unveiled a new national register powered by the Edsby digital learning platform for K-12

A new country wide registry of student learning support need and resourcing is being previewed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

“The standardised Learning Support Register fills a really important hole in our knowledge base,” New Zealand Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin said at an event at a high school in Kawerau, New Zealand.

The sLSR system is the first application introduced on Edsby, licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education in 2019 as the basis for the country’s Te Rito National Learner Repository and Data Exchange. Edsby is intended as a next generation digital learning, data consolidation and records management platform for New Zealand’s 800,000 students and their families.

“When this programme is fully up and running local schools and communities will know what they need for their children, the Ministry of Education will know how this looks at a national level and the Government will have a far better picture of how programmes are working and how students are being supported,” said Martin.

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