The press on Edsby’s new evidence features

New Edsby features that make things easier for teachers in the early years of K-12 have been getting written about in the media.

Tech & Learning wrote about Edsby’s new new system for capturing and sharing evidence of learning in the publication’s “What’s New” column. It begins:

Edsby has introduced new ways to capture and report on evidence of student learning. In partnership with teachers, Edsby implemented a new subsystem in its K-12 learning & analytics platform to facilitate these types of assessment.

Simba Information published an article on Edsby’s new capabilities in its Electronic Education Report for subscribers. An excerpt:

Edsby’s new features enable teachers to take pictures or record videos, tag them by standards or learning goals, share them with parents and organize them to document growth and streamline reporting on student progress. Through the system, young students can showcase their work to peers and parents.

In addition, Edsby’s announcement was published on The EdTech Roundup, and Education Talk Radio.

Edsby sells its learning management and analytics platform to K-12 school districts and regional governments, which pay an annual fee to license the system, customize it to their policies and requirements and then deploy it to teachers, students and their parents.