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Edsby includes a complete real-time online attendance system. Teachers get a fast, simple way of entering attendance. Administrators and staff get a powerful tool for managing and tracking attendance. Parents get a simple interface to check on their kids.

For teachers

For teachers, a single click displays a list of students, another few clicks identifies which ones are absent or late, and a final click submits attendance to the office. Planned absences are clearly identified, and the whole process works on mobile devices too.

For parents

Edsby shows parents their child’s attendance as marked by their teachers. Parents can submit planned absences to the office.

For office staff

Edsby provides office staff with easy-to-use tools for tracking which teachers have submitted their attendance, resolving attendance incidents, and managing planned absences.

For IT staff

Attendance data may be either displayed and managed directly in Edsby or provided as a dataset to be used elsewhere.

I'm a teacher who uses your anecdotal evidence of learning and gradebook! Amazing. All in one place! Love it!
Michael Pearson, Teacher / York Region District School Board, 125,000 students and their parents on Edsby