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Students now have one place to go for all the information related to their school and classes. Parents can track their child's progress and stay informed in one convenient, user friendly location.
Scott Johnson, Vice Principal / Clarke High School, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
Keeping staff members in the loop with individual students can be a challenge, but with Edsby we’re able to maintain and update student profiles in one place.
Wendy Cox Blair, Executive Director / The Arbor School of Central Florida, Winter Springs, FL
It makes my job easier. I can get more done with less effort with Edsby. Our entire school district is signed up to use Edsby. I like it very much.
Susan McGuire, Teacher / Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
I love that curriculum expectations are loaded in and can be tied directly to assessments, lessons, journals and observations. Edsby makes triangulation of assessment practical!
David Gomes, Student Success / Greater Essex County District School Board

What users say

Case studies

Edsby at Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Edsby—the biggest tech rollout this district has ever done—has become core of the cloud strategy of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, a district of 34,000 students. Educators across the district describe Edsby as a game-changer, helping provide students, parents and teachers with everything they need in one fast, easy-to-get-to place. Read more »

Edsby at Hillsborough County Public Schools

More than 250,000 students, teachers and parents use Edsby in Hillsborough County in Florida—one of the biggest school districts in the U.S. Edsby helps the county save money and time by serving as a single, low cost solution for gradebooks, parent engagement, report cards, social learning and more. The county now has a massive level of engagement by its parents in their students' academic progress. Read more »

Edsby at Farmington Municipal Schools

This public school district of 10,000 students and 1,200 staff in the northwest corner of New Mexico wanted to lay the infrastructure for standards-based grading and common core curriculum. It was also seeking a way to share assignments. Some staff wanted to use free tools. Learn why Farmington found Edsby to be the most user friendly and easy to get up and going, with the best potential for growth. The key? Edsby could connect to the district's student information system (SIS). Read more »

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