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The power of Edsby in your hands

Edsby applications are available for free download for the most popular mobile devices.


The main Edsby app. Can be used by any student, teacher, parent or administrator with an Edsby account. Just enter your Edsby server address, obtained from your school, and your Edsby username and password.

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Edsby Capture

A companion app that lets teachers and students easily enter images of student work into Edsby. When used with QR codes generated by teachers, Edsby Capture instantly associates work with the right student. Ideal for shared devices.

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Good mobile apps make Edsby…

Ideal for 1-to-1 or BYOD

Edsby apps run on iOS phones and tablets. And Android devices. And web browsers. Whatever tech you put in the hands of your students and teachers, Edsby works on it. Edsby might even emerge as your “killer app” »

Key to engaging whole families

Not all families have home computers. But most have mobile phones. Edsby’s mobile apps get the whole family involved in their children’s education. Look at Edsby’s massive mobile engagement numbers »