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Group collaboration

Edsby groups are safe, managed online collaboration areas. Use groups for school clubs or teams. And/or for district-wide professional development. Tight sync with other systems can get your entire community involved without integration headaches.

Ideal for teams & clubs

Events in a group, like practices and rehearsals, appear on member’s calendars.


Districts can use Edsby groups for professional development and electronic professional learning communities. Details »

Automatic groups

Automatically assign students, teachers or parents to groups. For example, a group for all grade 6 students. Or for all science teachers in the district. Zero management once set up.

Knowledge bases

Collate the results of conversations and save related files in wiki-like knowledge bases.

We love it. It’s a place for portfolios, collaboration, communication and discussion.
Karen Noel-Bentley, Middle School Teacher / Norma Rose Point Elementary, Vancouver District School Board
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