Edsby Selected by Greater Essex County District School Board

– Fourth Canadian district in recent months chooses Edsby learning management system –

ONTARIO, Canada (February 3rd, 2016) – Edsby®, an innovative cloud-based learning management system built for K-12 school districts that connects teachers, parents and students using modern technologies, has been chosen as the new parent portal, news source, and teaching and learning collaboration platform of the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB). The district will also be leveraging Edsby’s modern attendance, assessment and learning management tools.

GECDSB spans 71 schools with 35,000 students and 4,500 staff in Windsor and Essex County, Ontario, the southernmost tip of Canada. The district selected Edsby to give students and teachers modern collaborative capabilities in and out of the classroom, as well as real-time communication of academic achievement with students and their parents and guardians.

“Edsby is a modern, world-class learning environment for our students, teacher and parents. And because it works with our existing systems, including staff and student Office 365 accounts, we get the best of both worlds,” said John Howitt, GECDSB Superintendent of Education and Information Technology. “Our stakeholders benefit from Edsby’s rich, compelling capabilities, and we leverage our existing investments and experience with our current systems rather than having to go through the cost and challenges of replacing them.”

Also important to GECDSB was Edsby’s powerful group collaboration features for professional learning communities, school clubs, teams and parent groups that can be used to engage teachers, students and parents/guardians at the school level and district-wide. And it was critical to the district that the winning solution be scalable. In its selection process, the district asked for evidence of large deployments.

“Edsby is one of the only highly customizable learning management systems proven to be able to scale to large implementations,” said John Myers, President of Edsby.

Greater Essex is the fourth large Ontario region to adopt Edsby recently. District School Board of Niagara announced in October, 2015 that its 36,000 students were moving to Edsby. In June, the 60,000-student Halton District School Board announced it was implementing Edsby. And in April, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board announced it had selected Edsby for deployment to its 34,000 students.

To learn more about Edsby, please visit https://www.edsby.com/.

About Edsby
Edsby is a modern, purpose-built learning management system (LMS) for K-12 that enables school districts and private schools to connect their teachers, students and parents using the technologies that have become pervasive in people’s lives. Edsby is developed by CoreFour, a team that has been building scalable, reliable software systems for education organizations around the world for almost 30 years using latest technology and standards. Edsby is a registered trademark of CoreFour Inc.