Edsby tip: Logging in as a teacher & parent at the same time

If you’re a Edsby parent who’s also a teacher in the same school district or region, how do you set up your devices?

Your situation is rare; most people are one or the other. But logging into the same Edsby system with different identities at the same time from a single device is totally doable.

Via mobile

Configure the Edsby app on your mobile device with one of your accounts. Then use a tab on the web browser of your mobile device to log in as your other identity, by entering the same Edsby server address as the URL and your other credentials. Then, save the tab to your mobile device’s home screen as a website shortcut, so it appears with its own icon, much like the Edsby app has its own icon. You can even place it right beside the Edsby icon.

It works great. You’ll get essentially the same experience regardless of your access method.

Instructions for saving website shortcuts on both iOS and Android devices can be found here.

Via web browser

You can open multiple browsers on your desktop or laptop and log into the same Edsby system. Open a first browser, e.g. Firefox and log into your system at its unique Edsby server address using your teacher credentials. Open another browser, e.g. Chrome (it cannot simply be another tab on the first browser) and enter the same Edsby server address and your parent credentials. You’ll be able to stay logged in and work simultaneously on both systems.