New Edsby-based Twine for private schools

A new easy, inexpensive way for private schools to experience the power of Edsby

Private K-12 schools in the U.S. now have a new, fast-track path to engage their students, teachers and parents online: a cloud service from Aptiris called Twine.

The new Twine offering is powered in part by the Edsby® learning management, data aggregation and analytics platform popular with large public school systems.

Twine’s developers approached Edsby seeking to build a complete offering for private schools by pairing Edsby with Twine’s cloud-based student information system (SIS). The bundled, integrated arrangement is intended to simplify startup and reduce costs, particularly for smaller private schools that may not already have an SIS.

“Twine is extremely intuitive and easy to use,” said Wendy Blair, director of Arbor School of Florida, Twine’s first site. “Our teachers are very excited to have Twine, and we implemented it in just a few weeks without any IT involvement.”

Edsby is pleased to support Twine and invites similar arrangements with other SIS vendors targeting specific vertical or geographic markets.

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