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K-12 learning suite for Google school districts & regions

Full K-12 assessment, reporting and more integrated with Google Workspace for Education

The Edsby social learning platform augments Google’s apps with a rich set of capabilities tailored for the full needs of K-12 educators, students & parents.

Community Engagement

Securely incorporate parents into students’ K-12 journeys with easy sharing.

Learning Management

Deeper and broader capabilities than Google Classroom for in-class and digital learning.

Assessment & Reporting

Gradebook & report cards aligned with local policies, assessment schemes & terms.


Consolidate and visualize data. Find and mitigate students at risk. Integrated with everything else.

Student Well-Being

Enable students to share how they’re feeling and present research-based strategies to help them regulate.

Early Years

Specific capabilities for assessment and parental reporting for children in early years of K-12.

Edsby does a lot more to show observations than Google Classroom and it can go directly to parents. We are using Edsby district-wide.
Natalie Mukherjee, Elementary Teacher / York Region District School Board

Integrated with Google technologies

Students and teachers–and even parents–managed in Google don’t need separate Edsby user IDs and passwords. Edsby can authenticate against Google for user sign-on, reducing the number of passwords users need to manage.

Google apps can be made available in Edsby’s Launchpad for easy user access.

The Edsby document uploader recognizes users’ Google Drives. Users’ Google files can be easily found and shared in Edsby.

It’s easy for users’ Edsby calendar entries, including classes, assessments, club and sport team meetings and more, to sync to their Google Calendar.

Teachers can link live Google Docs into class and PD curriculum. Any changes made are instantly reflected to students in official class content.

Teachers can markup electronically submitted Google Docs with annotations and comments before grading them and passing them back to students, all within Edsby.

Teachers can create an assessment and provide students with their own copies of a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide to modify or finish. Completed documents can then be marked up, graded and returned.

Edsby is superior to Schoology, Edmodo, Moodle and Google Classroom as a learning management system.
Jonathan Boer, Teacher / London District Christian
Tim Gard, Chief Learning Officer, MindShare Learning, Reviews Edsby

Have someone contact me to discuss Edsby’s fit

I like the fact I was able to get all my assignments, including work I was missing. And that I was able to view grades class by class.
Trashaun Cairo, Student / Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, FL