All Edsby students can use Settings to change their password, Notification Settings, user interface theme, and on some systems, language preferences. Settings also enables a student to view their username, role, and other personal information.

You can access your Settings by clicking your profile in the top right corner of the browser navigation bar and selecting Settings.

Or, on a mobile device, click Settings on your Home Screen.

Login Information

View your username and current password by clicking Login Information. Your username cannot be changed.

If it is incorrect or requires updating, contact the school. However, as a student, you can change your password. Type in the new password you wish to use and confirm it by typing it again under Verify Password. Click Save.

The new password is effective immediately.

Personal Information

You can access your Personal Information by selecting this from the Settings menu. If this information is incorrect or requires updating, contact your school.

The role for all students in Edsby is Student.


View and update your Notification Settings by clicking Notifications. Here, you can choose to be notified regarding your Messages, Personal Calendar, Organization, Classes, Groups, or Portfolio.

Click on the row you wish to update. For more information on changing your Notification Settings, click here.

Other Settings

You can change your language preferences by clicking Other Settings.

  1. Select your preferred language using the drop-down menu. Click Save. For more information on language settings and translating in Edsby, click here.
  2. You can also change the theme of the Edsby Interface by using the drop-down menu under User Interface Theme. Try out Dark Mode for a fun twist!