Edsby Capture for Students

Looking to capture a picture of your school work to show your teacher? Do you want to document some of your learning? The Edsby Capture App, available via the App Store and Google Play, gives students a simple way to record evidence of their own learning. Your teacher will supply you with a QR code.

Edsby Capture gives students the ability to easily capture photographs of their work and create evidence items within the Edsby platform. After a record is uploaded, it is automatically added to the teacher’s Edsby evidence stream.

Capturing evidence through Edsby has never been easier. With just a few taps of your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly add pieces of evidence regarding your own learning.

Downloading the App

The Edsby Capture App is available via the App Store and Google Play. Click the links below to download the App and make capturing evidence a breeze.

Using the App

Open the Edsby Capture App. You’ll see a screen where you are asked to scan your QR code. Your teacher will provide you with it.

Use the camera to scan your unique QR code.

Take a picture or video of the piece of evidence you wish to capture.

Switch between front and back cameras and set your flash settings using the icons.

The app will then bring you to a new screen where you can review and add to your submission. Click Add More to attach additional items to your submission.

Click Reflect and type a description of your work. This will be seen by your teacher.

When you are finished, click Upload.

Once uploaded, you will be brought to the scan QR code screen where you can capture more evidence, if desired.

Once captured, the evidence will automatically flow into the teacher’s Evidence system. After the student has submitted a piece of evidence regarding their own work, teachers can review the evidence and choose to share it with the student and parent.

If the teacher has chosen to share the evidence, it will become visible in the student’s Learning Story to both the student and their parents. It is not shared back to the Edsby Capture app. Click here to learn more about Learning Stories.