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Edsby is a true web-based solution

Edsby is an advanced, true Web 2.0 application, based purely on the latest standard version of HTML (HTML 5). It runs entirely within the browser and does not require any Java, Flash or ActiveX plugins, nor does it require a particular browser vendor. You can run Edsby on Internet Explore 8 or later, or any modern version of FireFox, Chrome or Safari.

No local data to back up

You don’t need to open any special ports in your firewall, and Edsby doesn’t download any data to the user’s machine. Every byte of data is stored on the Edsby server and not the user’s machine, so worrying about backups is a thing of the past.

Secure, encrypted communications

Edsby is very good at keeping secrets. Edsby uses SSL to encrypt all communications between a user’s browser and the server. This enables Edsby to maintain security and privacy even when running across the public internet.

State of the art data center

Edsby runs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Microsoft data centers are SSAE 16, CSAE 3416 and ISAE 3402 Type II certified with redundant power (including diesel generator and battery back-up), redundant HVAC, and redundant internet connections. Its data centers have 24/7 on-site security, and access is tightly controlled. Microsoft has undergone independent, in-depth audits of control activities, including management of the hosting and network technologies and services that we use to run Edsby, and renews its certifications annually ensuring its servers are kept to the highest standards.

Because Edsby runs in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about hardware purchases, software upgrades or system monitoring. Edsby takes care of that for you around the clock. Wake up to emails that tell when major hardware or software upgrades were completed overnight. What a change from having to do upgrades yourself!

Timely security updates

Operating system and database security updates are a way of life now. We take care to proactively install these updates as they become available to ensure Edsby is as impervious to attack as possible.

Edsby works on a broad range of mobile devices

Your users are going to choose their own mobile device. iPhone or Android? iPad? They’re all fine with Edsby, because we have apps for all three. And they’re free.

District-controlled authentication

One of the greatest security risks in any system is the possibility of unauthorized users gaining access using outdated credentials. Edsby mitigates this by supporting external authentication, whereby the Edsby cloud server authenticates all login requests using LDAPS against a District identity management system. Edsby currently supports LDAPS-compatible servers, including Active Directory, Open Directory, FirstClass, etc.

Comprehensive logging for forensic use

Edsby automatically keeps a detailed log of when, how, and where users access the system. While on the system, Edsby logs every single action. This helps you understand how your system is being used, and also helps you track down cases where the system is being mis-used.

Easy online IT and admin training

In addition to a series of videos specifically to help IT admins through the process of deploying and maintaining Edsby, we also offer online training, using Edsby of course.