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Works your way

No two school districts do things the same way. Edsby lets districts assess and report according to the policies of their regions, not the other way around, and helps improve teacher consistency.

Customizable for your district

Local policies drive regional educational standards. Districts all have different ways of doing assessments, calculating and sharing grades, choosing what to share with parents and more. So unlike fixed systems that impose their structures on you, Edsby gives you freedom to work exactly how your region wants to.

  • Use local assessment schemes
  • Apply local, state or federal standards, expectations or outcomes
  • Customize with local terms
  • Easily add district and school brand
  • Support for custom reports
  • Custom forms, workflows and apps
  • Use district’s existing report card in Edsby
  • Customizations preserved when system is updated

Reduces district liability

Well intentioned teachers often introduce privacy and security issues with free software found on the Internet. Silos of unsupported and potentially insecure applications create legal and regulatory risk for districts. Edsby consolidates pockets of ad hoc teaching and learning software in a single, centrally managed enterprise-grade application with outstanding permission & access control.

Edsby works your way

Improves equity for learners

Improve consistency by pre-loading approved curriculum into Edsby and making it available to district schools year-after-year. Configuring Edsby to use only approved assessment schemes, standards, report card templates and workflow removes ambiguity for teachers and helps ensure all students get the same opportunities to learn.

Keeps your data in your neighborhood

A leading global Microsoft partner, Edsby is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters around the world. Customers’ sensitive student data is kept in their region.

I like getting notifications from teachers, school administration and parent counsel.
Milena Giaouris, Parent / St. Michael's College School