Staff Zoom

The Staff Zoom provides school administrators with a list of all staff members in the school and information pertaining to them. Administrators can access the Staff Zoom from the right side of their home screen in the panel below the name of the school.

The Staff Zoom provides the following information regarding each staff member:

  • Name
  • The staff member’s role in Edsby (“principal” for example)
  • Title (“Grade 5 Teacher” for example)
  • The grade levels this person is currently teaching
  • The subjects the person is teaching
  • The number of classes this person is currently teaching
  • The number of grades published by the staff member
  • The time of this person’s last login to Edsby
  • The current status of the teacher this period (either “in class” or “free”)

The Staff Zoom facets can be used to find a specific subset of staff members (for example, all the teachers teaching Grade 11 and Grade 12 students).

You can then use this specific subset of teachers with options of activities like messaging them or inviting them to a group.

The following Staff Zoom example shows how you can filter staff members by entering a title, in this example, Guidance. Clicking on Kindergarten in the Subject section would further reduce this list to Guidance staff for Kindergarten

Manually Adding Staff Members

Administrators can choose to add staff members from other schools in the district to their school. By manually adding staff to the school, it provides them access to school groups, the school page, and other school functions. This can also be used to add co-teachers from the district to classes at their school.

To manually add staff members, click the drop-down arrow and select Add Staff.

Type the name of the staff member who will be added. In this example, Mr. Ham is adding Tamara Glidewell, who will be a substitute for one of his teacher’s. She teaches at another school, so she will need to be manually added.

Click the name of the staff member. Administrators can add multiple staff members at a time. When the correct staff have been chosen, click Add.

The staff member will be listed in the Staff Zoom with a message that states the staff member was manually added, by whom, and when.

Removing an added staff member

Administrators can remove staff members they previously added manually. For example, if the teacher will no longer be a substitute at the school.

Next to their name in the staff zoom, click Remove. Confirm the removal.

They will no longer be listed in the staff zoom and will no longer have access to school information. Removing staff members will also remove them from any Groups they are enrolled in.