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Advanced analytics

Understand achievement and other trends at a school, district, regional or national level in real time. Quickly find at-risk students. Edsby gives educators and policymakers insight previously thought impossible.

Far beyond just dashboards

Edsby’s breakthrough learning analytics capabilities enable educators to find trends in achievement data and identify at-risk students in real time across an individual school, group of schools or a whole school district or region, depending on the user’s role and permissions. Powerful drill-down capabilities enable users to find exactly what they seek

See academic progress at different granularities. Visualize and leverage data in powerful ways. Edsby could be the first analytics system your staff will actually be able—and want—to use.

Learning analytics and system analytics

Many edtech systems offer basic analytics around system usage, i.e. system analytics. Edsby offers system analytics as well as learning analytics, which yield insight into student achievement based on data from Edsby and elsewhere. Learning analytics are intended to allow districts to discern patterns in academic results, and the identification of at-risk students becomes faster and more accurate.

Dynamic insights, not a rearward-looking data warehouse

Academic data must be imported periodically in conventional data warehouse approaches. By definition, it is therefore historical information. Edsby can offer real-time insight using live, up-to-the-minute achievement and other data.

Leverages Edsby permissions system

Standalone business intelligence systems often only offer insight to a select few data specialists in a district, through whom data requests must be funneled. Edsby analytics use the comprehensive Edsby permissions system, synchronized with the district. Teachers can be given access, seeing information only on students they currently teach. Principals and office staff are restricted to data relevant to their school. District level officials can access information across the whole district.

Edsby analytics

Analyze third party data

The learning record store at the heart of Edsby’s advanced analytics can include data from the Edsby learning management system (LMS) and/or data from other LMSes, gradebooks or any other sources such as EQAO, PM Benchmarks, standardized tests, CASI, etc. External data, whether it lives in SQL tables or CSV files or other formats, can be leveraged for the most complete picture possible.

Detailed insight into any student’s academic progress at any time

When a parent calls, Edsby can show a school principal a student’s current classes, grades, performance against standards, attendance, schedule, observations teachers have made, what the student’s workload looks like, whether they’re getting assignments in on time, discipline records and more.

I like the dashboard with everything at a glance.
Sara Whetstone, Teacher / Hamilton District Christian High School