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Classroom management

Edsby creates a private, secure social media-style space for every class in a district with time-saving classroom management tools like attendance, course planning and more. Winner of the 2016 classroom management CODiE, the Academy Award of software.

Assessment & reporting

An advanced gradebook is only the start. Edsby allows teachers to capture evidence of learning, even in early years, against standards using latest assessment schemes. Educators can triangulate on and communicate learners’ progress more powerfully than with any other system.

Group collaboration

Edsby groups give school clubs and teams places to organize. Groups can also be used for district-wide professional development, PLCs and student led learning. Groups are one of users’ favorite and most widely-used parts of Edsby.

Timetable & calendar

No other similar system is smart enough to tell students and teachers where they should be and when. Edsby’s calendaring and scheduling system was built for all the special schedules in K-12, including custom day cycles, period schedules and holidays.


Community engagement

In K-12, parents play a critical role. But too often today, they’re being asked to use handfuls of applications to follow their kids’ education. Edsby lets families see what’s happening at school with a single, secure app that also gives them an easy way to engage with their children’s teachers.

Forms & workflows

Use Edsby for registrations, parent-teacher scheduling, obtaining field trip approvals, submitting report card data to the office and more. With Edsby, interactions with students and parents are faster and more accountable… and use less paper.

School & district news

Share latest happenings with students and parents. Ensure everybody sees what’s going on without having to send notes home. Even district-level news can be shared among all schools.


All education stakeholders should have access to data and be able to use it to form insights and take action. Regardless of where data might reside, Edsby puts it in educators’ hands in real time, not in their rear view. Winner of the 2017 best data solution CODiE, the Academy Award of software.

Universal integration

Edsby talks to everything so it works well for everybody. By connecting to existing databases and infrastructure, every student, teacher and parent get a clean, modern experience and everything the district chooses to share.

Permission & access control

A carefully constructed authentication and permissions system ensures students, teachers and parents have access to the information they should.

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