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Individualized Assessments

Teachers can create individualized assessments to support a modified curriculum, IEP’s, or to provide students with a choice of assessments. In the assessment form, the Assign To field enables teachers to choose between assigning all students or a subset of students. By default, assignments are assigned to all students.      To assign a subset […]


Field trips, school opportunities, and requests for volunteers are all simplified using Edsby’s approval feature. Traditionally, teachers send permission slips home with students to give to their parents. Parents will sign the form and send it back to school with their child who will hopefully remember to give it to their teacher. Teachers have to […]

Parent-Teacher Interviews for Parents

When it’s time for parents to schedule an interview with their children’s teachers, a message will be sent to their Edsby mailbox. Click the envelope in the Navigation Bar to access your mailbox. Open the message and click Book Parent-Teacher Interview. You will see the children the interviews apply to and the available time slots […]

Perspective Analyze

Inside an Edsby Class, the teacher has access to the Perspective. The Perspective’s Analyze page takes data from Evidence and Gradebook and enables teachers to see the results of both types of assessments in one place. Analyze empowers the teacher to look at the assessment data in multiple ways to spot trends or areas of […]

Mobile Help – Navigating the Edsby App

Edsby enables teachers to access their students and classes at the convenience of their mobile devices by using the Edsby App. For more information about logging in to Edsby, click here.  For more information about using Edsby on smartphones and tablets and how to download the app, click here.   Jump to a Section Home […]

Student Mobile Quickstart

Edsby enables students to keep up-to-date with their school life from the convenience of their mobile phones by using the Edsby mobile app. For help logging in, click here.  For more information about using Edsby on smartphones and tablets and how to download the app, click here. Jump to a Section Home Screen Classes My […]

Video Conferencing for Zoom

Adding and Removing Edsby Live for Zoom If your School District would like to use Zoom as the service provider, please open a support ticket by sending an email to [email protected] They will configure an OAuth2 authentication service for your district. The Support team will copy information from the Zoom Zoom App Credentials page. Copy […]

Live Documents

Edsby’s many features are equipped to import and update live documents linked from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or an external service. Live documents can be directly imported into the Content Builder in Classes and Groups. Additionally, Notes, Journals, Assessments, Polls, Calendars, Events, and Messages all include the Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive icons. Wherever the […]

Annotating student submissions with the Gradebook’s Grader

The Gradebook’s Grader provides a unified framework for viewing submitted files and online tests. In addition, the Grader also enables a teacher to give feedback by adding annotations to a student’s PDF document or image file. Jump to a Section Accessing the Grader Adding Annotations and Comments Sharing Annotations Navigating to other Assessments in the […]