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Getting Started Again

Teachers, welcome back and thank you for making Edsby a part of your back to school routine. We’ve put together some information that is useful at the start of a new school year. Read about printing the class rosters. Learn how to copy content from completed classes to your current classes. Add additional teachers to your classes […]

School Setup

School Contact Information This section lists the name, address, and contact information from the Student Information System. This information may be visible on reports cards. If information is missing or incorrect, check Override Contact Information in

Turnitin LTI Tool Configuration

The Edsby digital learning and analytics platform has an open architecture designed to connect tightly with many different school district systems.  Edsby offers API-level integrations with other popular applications, or through open standards such as the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). This documentation will walk through how to configure Turnitin with Edsby […]

Assessments and Turnitin

If your organization has integrated Turnitin as an LTI tool within Edsby, teachers can create assessments within Edsby, enabling students to submit files through the Turnitin environment. To create a Turnitin assignment, follow these steps: Create a LTI link from the Content panel menu. Choose Turnitin from the list of available LTI tools and then […]

Assessments and Google Workspace for Education

Teachers can create an assessment and provide students with a personal copy of a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide. When the student submits their copy of the document, the teacher can use the Grader to annotate the student’s work. When a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide file is submitted through this process, the teacher has […]

Individualized Assessments

Teachers can create individualized assessments to support a modified curriculum, IEP’s, or to provide students with a choice of assessments. In the assessment form, the Assign To field enables teachers to choose between assigning all students or a subset of students. By default, assignments are assigned to all students.      To assign a subset […]


Field trips, school opportunities, and requests for volunteers are all simplified using Edsby’s approval feature. Traditionally, teachers send permission slips home with students to give to their parents. Parents will sign the form and send it back to school with their child who will hopefully remember to give it to their teacher. Teachers have to […]